Sunday, 14 January 2007

The Real Absinthe Blog

January 14th .. nothing special about today .. except it is the launch of the Real Absinthe Blog.

So who am I?

I'm Alan, and I like to think that I'm a drinks marketing and sales specialist.

I'm based in the UK; I travel the world to sell and promote high quality drinks.

Why am I qualified to write this? I can't make absinthe and my taste buds are not the best in the business.

I think I am qualified as I have launched absinthe in over 15 different countries and on every continent in the world (except Antarctica, that is). I have launched two of the main internet sites selling absinthe. And played a part in the development of two absinthe businesses.

All that would count for little if I didn't also have a love for absinthe and a passion for making absinthe a major drink in the 21st century.

So welcome to my blog .. let me know what you think .. and santé!

Oh, by the way: The opinions expressed here are purely personal and do not necessarily reflect the views of the people with whom I work.

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~ Free the Diva said...

I love your website. It looks like you can teach me a thing or two about absinthe. Would you like to exchange links with me?

Anonymous said...

So Mr. Alan Moss is still alive....
Are you still working for La Fée Absinthe? or seems that you changed job once again working for Clandestine this time as it perhaps reflects your self closer. Maybe, it's still the same company managing two different brands. No surprise for that. But the way, welcome to the absinthe damnation. :-)

May the Green Fairy bless you.

Alan said...

"changed job once again?" Well, I'm not a regular job hopper, but I left La Fée in October 2006 and have been working very happily since then on two different projects including La Clandestine.

It's probably fair to say that La Clandestine reflects my self closer .. whatever that means. It's definitely NOT the same company.

Do I know you, anonymous? Feel free to email me directly at

michellesnoopy said...

absinthe king!