Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Absinthe on MySpace

There are hundreds of people on MySpace called Absinthe! Plus a few Fée Vertes, Green Fairies, etc. Some have absinthe as part of their name or as their avatar

while others seem to delight in showing bottles of absinthe in the most interesting situations (as this is a respectable blog, I'll only show a respectable picture).

And now there's a new discussion group on MySpace talking about Real Absinthe. Entry is free, there are always a few experts on hand to give advice about the best absinthes to buy, and where to go to buy them. The conversation can get heated especially as the evening turns to night, and one can imagine rapidly emptying glasses or bottles of absinthe next to the computers of those late night posters. Of course I am posting this at 6:10 in the morning while "chatting" to the late night revellers in New York and early evening posters in California and the Pacific, so our perspectives may be a little different.

But that's the joy of MySpace, the internet and, above all, of absinthe!


mad muthas said...

i caught the amusing exchange between you and a us blogger who rejoices in the name, 'dirty uncle mark'. you'd have thought someone who called himself that would have a sense of irony - unless he's not being ironic! now that's a scary thought.

scar said...

cool stuff! I just bookmarked your blog. looking forward to see more...

Bettina Sophie said...

Well, I see myself as an absinthe, but since it seems that you are referring to something specific with the real absinthe (maybe the Myspace discussion group?), I would have to admit, unfortunately, that in that case, I am not a "real" absinthe.
Thank you for the comment.