Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Learn how to make absinthe?

Don't make absinthe at home. Don't even try. It's probably illegal (depends where you are) and it won't be anything like real absinthe. It may even be highly dangerous.

La Clandestine now does two week courses in Switzerland for would-be distillers.

For just $50,000 plus accommodation and food, you can learn all about the plants (including wormwood, fennel etc), the process and the pleasures of real absinthe. You won't learn everything that we have: that has taken us many years of trial and error.

But at least you can learn what not to do and you'll taste some great absinthes while you are learning. Contact me at alan"AT"absinthe-suisse.com for more details.

I wrote that you will learn what not to do. In case there is any confusion about this, we don't want you to make absinthe at home after you have been on the course. But we think you will have a great time with us in Switzerland!

UPDATE: For those few of you who might have thought or still think that this is real, it's not. This article serves to remind those people who want to make their own absinthe, that it is a VERY complicated process which cannot be mastered in a few days. Making absinthe is not just mixing up the plants in alcohol! Making champagne is not just adding soda to white wine! For those who ask what ingredients are necessary to make real absinthe, my answer is:-

1) Get the licences to permit you to distill.
2) Get the right equipment (you can see some of it here) .
3) Set aside a few years of your life to get it right.
4) And if you are doing this in the USA, have patience. You won't be able to sell it.

Taking short-cuts will probably be illegal and expensive (fines and a police record too); it may even be fatal. Do I need to say more?


Anonymous said...

make at home in 5 minutes

Alan said...

Absolute rubbish, Anonymous. This product is not absinthe and it is disgraceful that this company continues to con consumers that it is.

If you mix wine and soda, is that champagne? Of course not.

It's about time that we wrote a whole article exposing the gross deceit of this "industry."

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Carlos, and Im from Mexico. I know this would be valid for many, specially because in US still is illegal, and yes, in fact is dangerous. But you dont have to do all what you say to learn it. Many europe people make their own absinth, and yes, like everything, it takes time to learn to do it well, but is not difficult to do it, and by failing comes the learning. Remember Absinth is a traditional recipe, and many people does it. So why not to spread the word?? Is shameful that here in the american continent not people know about it. Some friends of mine make a few liters per month for our own parties, wich have been a blast of success between the guests. And a few months earlier, we have giving some without stillling, just dilued, and people seem to like it as well. Anyway, i think is better to let know people, than make them buy that stupid filter (well, maybe for us citicens, would be good since the illegal issue) but once tried, doesn't taste good...

Anonymous said...

Carlols again.. WHAT A FUCK IS THAT, ANON?? Oh, shit.. that's just WRONG!!! No, man,that is stupid!!! C'mon, some who really knows about absitnh would know that's just nonsense! Had you mix absinth and vodka, the taste change a lot (and for me, really dissgusting!!) How could you promote that awful shit?? ABSINTH SHOP SHOULD BE BANNED FROM THE WORLD!!