Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Online Absinthe Survey

I see that the Absinthe Review Network has announced an important online survey of the absinthes drunk in the USA. The announcement has now also been made on MySpace, here, the Wormwood Society, and on Facebook.

The survey itself seems quite simple to do, and I suspect that the results could be very interesting. Click here to go to the survey.

Some may think me a bit biased so I won't be doing the survey myself. From discussion on the Wormwood Society, it sounds like someone else has already been trying to cheat!

Ben from the Absinthe Review Network tells me that the survey will probably be the biggest public survey of absinthes ever completed (unless they did something bigger in the 19th century, of course). He is looking for hundreds of responses. I will be in touch with the Absinthe Review Network to see if I can get some key findings from the survey when it is complete.

Check back later ... but in the meantime, try the survey yourself.