Wednesday, 17 January 2007

From the birthplace of absinthe ... to a bar near you soon!

La Clandestine is hand-crafted absinthe, made with passion and the attention to detail that has made Switzerland famous. With production limited, it is not the intention of those involved in La Clandestine to sell it everywhere, but in the next few months La Clandestine will start to appear in some famous bars - and maybe a few smarter boutiques - around the world.

First stop: London, where La Clandestine has been well received by some top barmen already.

Next stops: Netherlands, France, Spain, Japan, etc.

Details to follow.

Add your favourite places where you can drink or buy La Clandestine. And add places where you think La Clandestine should be sold ... but isn't.


Gigi said...

Nice blog, Alan, so far...I've never tasted absinthe and I don't think I'd enjoy it as I hate the taste of aniseed...I think pastis is horrid :-(

Still, I like it's reputation and the colour is wonderful!

Gigi said...

oops - I mean 'its'