Monday, 21 July 2008

Absinthe FAQ .. and infrequently AQ too

Any absinthe questions you want answered? Just add them as a comment to this post, and I'll reply, again in the comments, usually within 24 hours.

In the meantime, this article looks at some of the questions people have asked Google (or the other search engines) to find this site.

Using Google Analytics, I can see what search terms are used to find this blog. Hopefully most of the questions have answers somewhere on the blog, but, knowing that some of them don't, I thought I'd attempt to answer as many of them as possible on this page.

How to make absinthe: don't. Taking short-cuts will be illegal and could be fatal. Doing it the right way will take a lot of money and time: are you prepared for that? Now absinthe is legal and some of the best absinthes previously available only on the internet are heading your way, what's the point of making your own?

Absinthe cocktails: 106 listed in one article in this blog with a few others scattered around elsewhere.

Absinthe Singapore: absinthe is finally getting to Singapore, although at the time of writing the selection was very small. Singaporeans might get a better selection over the bridge in Malaysia where La Clandestine and Angélique will shortly be available.

Is Lucid real absinthe: yes.

Is Logan Fils genuine absinthe: maybe one of the products is. However their so-called Swiss absinthe does not come from Switzerland. Maybe their labels or bottles are Swiss-made? Read comments on Logan Fils here.

Clandestine absinthe thujone: yes.

Where can I buy absinthe: it's almost getting easier to see where "can't" I buy absinthe? Absinthe is now legal in almost every country where liquor is legal (except some South American countries apparently).

In USA, it's available in every State, in Bevmo through to DrinkUp New York.

In Canada, the range of absinthes widely available is slowly improving, with Taboo, a new locally-distilled absinthe, hitting some headlines and Spirits Corner still chosen by many.

In UK, it's in most supermarkets, but for a larger selection, go to Soho Wine, Vintage House, Drink Shop, DrinkOn, Gerry's etc.

In Australia, the range available is improving, thanks to Absinthe Salon. More news soon.

Most expensive absinthe: interesting question. Spend $60 on an absinthe that isn't a real absinthe, and that's really expensive! Spend $ 80 or more dollars on absinthes that are shining examples of a distiller's art, and that's cheap!

Best real absinthe: modesty forbids ... Seriously I have drunk - or at least sampled - more than 40 absinthes. Most of the distilled, uncoloured or naturally coloured - absinthes are well worth trying. Read the Wormwood Society or Fée Verte for more!

Best Czech absinthe: at the time my blog mentioned this, it might have been Oliva. Now it seems more likely to be St. Antoine.

Mike Marvin absinthe: was this someone searching for himself? Confidentiality issues prohibit me from commenting!

What is real absinthe: do I have to answer again?

Is Ted Breaux real: a bit like asking if the tooth fairy is real ... What do you think?

Highest thujone absinthe: who cares?

How to make absinthe spoon: ask him ...

Absinthe side effects memory: Sorry, say that again ...

Absinthe rental: what an interesting idea. With some lower quality products, I suppose ownership may only be temporary, but I won't go into further detail.

Buying Absinthe blog: My blog is not for sale.

Czech Republic women: Very nice.

Czech Panty: No comment.

do you have to make absinthe avoid your tongue: why?

gwydion stone trinity: is this the so-called holy trinity of absinthe ingredients or Gwydion's wife?

I suppose I should tell Gwydion who is trying to find his wife .... unless of course it was Gwydion himself who was searching .....

how long absinth lasts: hah!

how much absinthe do you need for two people: two bottles.

invest in absinthe company: tell me more ...

japan absinthe and rape: Crosby?

my sex story while drinking absinthe: while? I hope not? Afterwards, maybe.

number 1 absinthe in the world: .....

original swiss absinthe recipe: no, I doubt if anyone I know would want to divulge their recipe.

where can i buy moss: so that's why it's called the Green fairy!

ted breaux girlfriend: asked by someone in ... well, I know the town and State of that request, but it wouldn't be fair of me to say, would it?!

More interesting questions used by my readers to find my blog will follow!


The Absinthe Review Network said...

Good Lord, and I thought I got some strange questions...

"Best Czech absinthe: at the time my blog mentioned this, it might have been Oliva. Now it seems more likely to be St. Antoine."

When Brad was still a part of TARN he got a bottle of Oliva (before consulting me, obviously) for the Absinthe Special on his radio show and sent me a good sized sample of it. Honestly, it wasn't too bad. I wouldn't buy it myself, but I do think it is better than the original Toulouse Lautrec (don't know about the new varieties) at least. Good to hear there's finally another decent brand coming out of the CR. I'm still convinced that country is beyond hope, but we'll see...

"Czech Panty: No comment."

Hmm, you'll certainly have to elaborate on that one in a future entry.;)

Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to bet that the "sex story" search was looking for this link.

-- T

Alan said...

Thanks for your comments, guys. And for that infamous TuckerMax link.

I was also a bit surprised to see that five different people found absinthe-suisse by searching for

"claude-alain bugnon" dance

Why are people using that term to search? What has my distiller friend not told me?

Anonymous said...

Is it true that there will be an Absinthe festival in France in June? Can you tell me more?

Alan said...

It's in Switzerland at Boveresse, near Couvet. Just over the border from France. On June 20th 2009.


ninbroken52 said...

i have often seen the statement "do not drink Absinthe neat!" (and the like) why not? i want to! (but haven't because of everyone saying not to)

Alan said...

Hi ninbroken52,

Why not? Because it is made at a high strength, specifically for adding water to.

Have you ever drunk concentrated orange juice or Coca-Cola from one of those dispensing machines in cafés/bars without adding water? Same issue.

ninbroken52 said...

actually... yes... *laughing* more than a couple times back in the day.