Thursday, 28 May 2009

What type of absinthe are you?

Google Absinthe Quiz and you will find a few interesting quizzes about absinthe (Edit: Google works quickly. This article was the top result within an hour of being posted). Several of the quizzes I tried had inaccurate answers, especially on thujone and "how to drink" questions, and in any case I didn't want to create just another quiz about absinthe. I wanted to create a quiz about you, my readers.

So, if you are on Facebook, you may enjoy this little quiz I created. What type of absinthe are you?

1. Just answer five multiple choice questions: about champagne, why you drink absinthe, your favourite colour, what you did last night (BEFORE going to bed!) and how you would describe yourself,
2. Submit your answers,
3. Send the quiz to some of your Facebook friends (or skip this stage), and
4. You get to see what type of absinthe you are.
5. Finally you can then choose whether or not to add this your Facebook profile.

The quiz is designed to be fun and a little educational, even if it's possible some may disagree with the results. If you are a committed absinthe drinker, "ahead of the curve" in which brands you drink, with a bar with over 30 different absinthes which you drink regularly, then you may not need this quiz. Of course, if you drink that heavily, you may not be able to finish the quiz anyway!

And now for the real inspiration for this quiz ... discovering in Los Angeles in March that I am a genuine absinthe. The generous donor of this bottle should know by now that I am not a Verte!

Caveat: I know a few people may not like adding Facebook applications (especially when seeing their standard disclaimer). The only information that I get to see as the developer of the quiz is a list of who has done the quiz, and what type of absinthe they are. When I get a few more users, I may get a statistical breakdown of users by age, gender etc, but I doubt that I can put that to much use! If you feel strongly about Facebook and privacy, then why not add to the debate about applications there? I also liked this article about Facebook applications, especially the opening line, "The way people talk publicly about Facebook's application platform, you'd think Jesus used it to invite his apostles to the Last Supper."

Anyway, enough of Facebook pros and cons, time for a glass and to try the quiz. Santé et bon courage! And please feel free to come back here to comment on it ...


The Absinthe Review Network said...

I somehow stumbled through the entire quiz.:)

If this can get enough momentum, hopefully it will knock the former quiz down in the search engine rankings, at least...

Alan said...

"Connoisseur's absinthe," I see!

Who would have guessed it?