Saturday, 28 March 2009

Mossfest 2009

Absinthe lovers love nothing more than getting together to share their enthusiasm and passion for absinthe. The Louche Fests held by members of the Louched Lounge are legendary, sometimes going on for several days at a time.

So, while visiting Los Angeles in March 2009, I was delighted to be offered a Mossfest. At first the name Mossfest upset me: I was concerned that I would be the main attraction at a barbecue. But thanks to Timothy, Molly and Alyssa I soon realised that there was nothing to worry about except my waistline and the possibility of a mild hangover the next day.

Our host, Timothy:

who finally made it onto his harp about 3:30 on Sunday morning.

Alyssa and Tim, with Misanthrope playing in the background:

Local bands treated us to many classics with a rendition of Gogol Bordello's "Start Wearing Purple" probably the hit of the night.

Chris on harp:

Kurt, straight from work:

There may be better photos of Kurt added later ...

And of course the absinthes:

The mysterious Verte Moss absinthe supplied by an anoymous donor was especially well received.

After an hour of trying, Mossfest 2009 achieved a first with live webcam feed of the party, and the broadcast was watched by more than 80 spectators all over the USA, and as far away as France. Hopefully my wife didn't find the broadcast!

A great evening, night and morning, followed by washing up, brunch and a drive along the ocean: what more could I want? Although it didn't live up to the several day louche fests celebrated by those on the Louched Lounge, members there commented:

"Boy, you look all really really drunk, good one!"


"Looked like a bunch of drunken hippies..."

So it appears that the event objectives were achieved.

Cheers, and thanks again to Timothy for allowing us to trash the place, and to Alyssa and Molly for the culinary delights.

Mossfest 2010 is already booked for Grand Rapids, MI ...


speedle said...

Sorry I missed the "live feed", but "YAY" for GR!

Anonymous said...

Nice Posting

Alan said...

Thank you, Smadraji.

The Absinthe Review Network said...

A webcam and everything?! Aw man, you should have e-mailed me, I would've loved to see the madness as it unfolded...

Yes, Mossfest 2010 will be epic. I'm buying extra glasses so if we (read: I) break them in a drunken stupor, there will be backups!

Anonymous said...

"A great evening, night and morning, followed by washing up, brunch and a drive along the ocean"

An excellent idea! Nothing better after a hard night drinking than a nice drive in the motor a la Toad of Toad Hall.

"Yes, Mossfest 2010 will be epic"

I think it will be awesome as opposed to epic. I also look forward to the "madness" as it unfolds.

Alan said...

To clarify, Anonymous.

1. Last drink: c. 3:00 am.
2. Drive along the ocean: c. 2:00 pm.

Anonymous said...

One for the dynamic duo perhsps ;-) Dick and Mutley.