Tuesday, 10 March 2009

53 and counting: the week in Absinthe ...

To celebrate the arrival of Brian (aka Shabba53) here, I have just updated the list of absinthes that are either approved for USA launch or are in process.

Appropriately the new total is .... 53.

BevLaw has managed to find the Pernod Absinthe COLA and it is interesting to compare the Pernod and La Fée approvals.

Meanwhile in the UK, two TV shows have featured absinthe in the last week.

An Absinthe Jelly was created by Michelin 3 Star chef Heston Blumenthal. Unfortunately, and entirely coincidentally, he has just closed his restaurant down temporarily due to a reported 400 cases of food poisoning.

Elsewhere, David Nathan-Maister hit British TV screens wearing a tie for Jeremy Paxman's show on the Victorians. Although the shot was not clear, he seemed to serve Jeremy a glass of pre-ban absinthe, which did not get the response David would have sought!

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