Monday, 28 May 2007

Comments on my blog

I have received a number of anonymous comments on my blog. I have replied in the comments section, but think it is important to discuss these issues more openly.

So to my anonymous correspondents:

If you believe in what you say, why do you need to be anonymous? Tell me and my readers who you are, or email me directly at if you prefer to have a confidential discussion.

There is a note on the blog that says, "The opinions expressed here are purely personal and do not necessarily reflect the views of or associated companies."

I have worked in the drinks business for more than 15 years and my views are based on that. I do not make negative comments here on the merits or taste of Czech absinth: in fact I recognise the very responsible attitude of Hill's and some of the moves made by Oliva absinthe (although this is NOT Swiss absinthe as the label suggests).

So what specifically do you object to in this particular blog entry (the one about Czech absinth)?

1. I have re-quoted another blog.

2. I have quoted from Hill's and Oliva's websites.

3. I have commented as many others have done before me on the marketing done, maybe by others, for Czech absinth. Absinthe is not a drug, nor is it a "panty remover." I am delighted that some Czech absinths recognise this and talk much more about quality nowadays.

If the marketing is done by people who are not Czech, can't you stop them doing it?

Why don't you tell me and my readers who you are, so that we can have a real direct conversation about this.

Tell me what is incorrect in the blog article about Czech absinth and I am quite ready to change anything that is wrong.

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