Friday, 9 February 2007

This week in absinthe

While I don't promise to post a wrap-up every week, I'd like to try to do so. So what's been happening this week?

  1. 300 cases of Sebor stolen! Given Sebor's history and reputation, then this is probably not a disaster as far as Real Absinthe lovers are concerned!

  2. An absinthe spoon responsible for a murder on CSI. Typical mass media approach to absinthe: now blame the accessories used for absinthe for crime! I won't dignify this with a link, but I'll show the spoon that was responsible!

  3. A photo of an absinthe label goes up for sale on ebay.

    At the time of writing the reserve price of $7.99 had not been achieved. There are currently over 340 absinthe items on sale at ebay: spoons, posters, glasses, soap (?), ear-rings (?), black absinthe toilet paper, etc.

  4. What was that? Black absinthe toilet paper? Yes, again not to be dignified with a link, but here are the details. "$17.99 and all orders placed before 2/28 recieve (sic) 20 free Absinthe Sugar Cubes. Includes 6 Dry rolls of Gorgeously Perfumed Black Toilet Tissue."

So, not the most exciting news week for absinthe with CSI definitely being the low spot. I am told by at least one North American friend that this sort of ongoing negative publicity just makes absinthe more popular among a certain crowd (younger and less discerning). It certainly does nothing to help promote a normal image for absinthe and the other issues posted above don't do much for absinthe either. Hopefully I'll have some better news next week.


Alan Phipps said...


Distillers like Claude-Alain Bugnon say that they ship absinthe to many places around the world, including the USA. I'm quite new to all of this, and I am curious to know how it is possible (and legal) to ship into the USA? My understanding was that customs would prevent it from entering the country. Or does the ban concern only the sale of absinthe within the USA? Thanks!

Alan said...

See the FAQ on his website for more details or, and probably better, email me on for more details ...

If anything, it's a bit like Cuban cigars. Lots of Americans have access to Cuban cigars, I believe.