Monday, 26 February 2007

Absinthe blogs, absinth ads

Interesting to see some good coverage of absinthe on Liquor Snob, an important American drinks blog. La Clandestine is one of several high quality absinthes covered in Liquor Snob recently, and it's coverage like this that may help sway opinion in the important American market in the long-term.

Reading Liquor Snob reminds me that there are several absinthe blogs all covering slightly different perspectives. There's Salsa's Absinthe Blargh, and there's In Absinthia, which has just returned from a break of a few months. Both these are written by American absinthe consumers who are also active members of the main absinthe forums; both are well-informed and can be relied on to give accurate information. And, of course, Oxygenee's Blog is bound to be thought-provoking with his unique insights into his area of the absinthe business.

The Czechsinthe blog (link removed) has, of course, a different take on the world. I've commented on this blog on a couple of issues, in particular the importance, or irrelevance, of thujone. To me, it's sad that some companies, especially those involved with Czech drinks, continue to stress the thujone issue.

Much worse is pushing the aphrodisiac or, worse, "date rape" aspect as seen in these two advertisements for Czech "absinth:"

and, getting even worse,

Marketing a drink on the basis of thujone with cynical hints that it will get you high, or marketing it as "the ultimate panty remover" does no favours to the absinthe category, and will only set back the cause of those wishing to legalise absinthe in the USA.

In this context, the industry as a whole should be really thankful for the support of people like Liquor Snob!

Post Script: Here's a long set of the advertising used by the "ultimate panty remover" people. Please feel free to add your comments. What do you think of these ads?


Anonymous said...

Great blog!
I had to look at it as I hail from France, although I live in Japan!
Unfortunately the Japanese version is less than tame!
It's alright as I am more inclined to drink sake as can be seen at
What made you interested in absinthe in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Alan, cheers again!
And thank you for the great speed of your kind reply!
I live in Shizuoka, by the way.
But before you go to Tokyo, check Melinda's blog at:
Waiting to read your impression about Japan!
Cheers and a ta sante!

Absinthe Buyer said...

Interesting. I have been doing some research in a few places. Is the Czech absinthe really so bad?

Anonymous said...

I am the owner of one of the oldest absinthe farm in Switzerland,Val de Travers, Boveresse. This is just a marketing and commercial way to sell a bad absinthe or a completly different drink than the original one...the should call it abzcech.

I want Dita Von Tease not their absinthe..

Alan said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I agree with you.

They would not be allowed to run this advertising in their own country; unfortunately on the internet they can do what they want.

I shall see if can get you Dita's telephone number. I pass it to Claude-Alain to give to you. OK?