Friday, 1 April 2011

A new absinthe ... with bite!

I'm pleased to announce my new absinthe brand commissioned from world-famous distiller, Claude-Alain Bugnon.

Research shows that there are two main types of absinthe consumers. Many are happy with absinthe in cocktails, or served the traditional way. Some just want to shoot it or set it on fire.

My new brand will address those who love the traditional taste of absinthe but who are still looking for something with more excitement, more aggression, in short a bit more "bite." So I am delighted to announce "Mossquito Absinthe."

Of course, "Mossquito" plays a little on my own name (Alan Moss): well if Marilyn Manson can have his own absinthe, why can't I?

More significantly, “Mossquito” pays homage to one of the early catalysts of absinthe popularity: the humble North African mosquito. French doctors prescribed absinthe to the troops in Algeria to prevent malaria in the early 19th century. Without the mosquito, absinthe would not have achieved the popularity it did in France in later years. Indeed the mosquito probably did more to help the explosive growth of absinthe than some of the early legends such as Dr. Ordinaire (or some of the 21st century peddlers of "fauxsinthe").

Santé to the Algerian mosquitoes and to this very modern Mossquito!


Anonymous said...


Maybe Marc Bernhard (Pacifique) should sell a "Burn hard" absinthe. The Legates (Ridge) should focus on the chilled absinthe sector with their "Fridge" range. And Gwydion Stone (Marteau) could launch a "Stoner absinthe!"

Aggelos said...

Just a minor correction : absinthe did not prevent malaria, it prevented ciguatera, among other things.

That being said, congratulations, I do expect tasting that in Boveresse this year :)

Mark Rance said...


Why does this not surprise me that much?!
Congratulations, and I look forward to trying it.


Nick Sawbridge said...

Great day for a super announcement!

Alan said...

Glad to see that someone recognised the significance of the date!

Given the interest we had in this concept, maybe we will have to launch the brand anyway. Or maybe I am joking ....

Unknown said...

We grow 'um big mossquito down here, podnah.